There many acne treatments that work and there are many that do not. This is because there are many types of acne or Acne Vulgaris and because of this all the different types there are many different remedies and cures.

You need to know which type or types of acne you have before trying to treat it. We will look at the acne types before we look at causes and treatments.
Each person is individual and what may work for one may not work for another, you need to try the combinations until you get the one the Acne treatment that works for you. Also the individual may have several types of acne too so many will need different types of treatment.

There are many different skin blemishes that fall under the acne umbrella but are not strictly acne. I will give a rundown of them below.

Different types or names of acne or skin blemishes:
1. Acne Vulgaris is the official name which covers all the spots under the acne umbrella. One popular name is zits
2. Blackheads. Looks like a back dot or bump in an open skin pore. Blackheads is the popular name for open comedo or comedones. Surprisingly the colour is not caused by poor hygiene but due to oxidation in the air. Blackheads can occur a lot on the nose.

3. Whiteheads. Similar to a blackhead but white and not in an open pore, covered with skin. Whiteheads is the popular name for closed comedo or comedones. Whiteheads can be anywhere but may be on the forehead or face.
4. Pimples. Can be like a pus filled blisters or skin, also called Pustules. Usually on the lower half of the face around the chin and mouth.
5. Cysts. These are skin sacks filled with liquid or semi-liquid, usually on thicker skin around the body particularly where you sweat more. Can be called boils.
6. Rosacea. A skin condition usually around the nose, eyes and centre of the face on adults. It has the appearance of a reddish rash or pimples.

As we see from above, Acne is usually more concentrated on the face and back but can occur anywhere on the body. Face acne is more visible and of a greater concern to individuals but acne on other parts of the body may more painful. Especially cysts on the back and shoulder which may require back acne treatment.

Next post we will look at the causes of acne and the acne treatments that work for those.

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  1. Acne Cure

    2011 Sep 15 1

    Accurate saying, I love your views that suggest me to use Gillette Foaming Wash to get rid of oily & dull skin, Aloe Vera is essential to make our skin healthy, antibiotics also plays a crucial role, the whites of an egg have very powerful healing qualities to deal with acne, an excellent way to smooth out the skin and clean your pores is honey rub, thank u so much.

  2. admin

    2011 Sep 24 2

    You can use anything as long as it not too scented to clear oily skin but that is a good suggestion. Thanks.

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