Welcome to the site.  Here you will get information on Acne Treatments That Work.  There are a lot, even some acne home treatment that do not work.  This is because the causes of acne are many and complex.  Also there are several types of acne.  Some people have many types of acne which are a caused by different reasons.  This makes it difficult to treat.

Don’t give of hope if you don’t find a treatment that works for you.  It can take time to get the right combination.  Best way is to identify the type of acne you have and what causes and aggravates it.  Once you can do that a acne free treatment is half way there.  Also for some people there are some restrictions on treatment as in acne treatment pregnancy for women.

This site will give you information of causes, triggers, treatment, remedies to reduce and cure you acne.  Hope you find it useful and enjoyable.

Any questions or feedback please feed free to comment or email me.

The next post looks at the different type of acne to understand how to get an acne free treatment that works for you.

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  1. Cure for Acne

    2011 Sep 15 1

    Best saying that acne can be treated by 4 ways such as non-prescription topical meds using benzoyl peroxide ingredients, prescription topical meds using vitamin A products ,antibiotic and combination meds, oral antibiotics mostly found on back, isotretinoin having long list of side effects,thanks a lot for guiding me with your views.

  2. admin

    2011 Sep 24 2

    That is a good overall summary of acne treatments. You should look at what is the most effective for your skin and not use all.

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