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When you are pregnant you can get bad acne as discussed in the last post. You no longer have all of the options of all the usual acne treatments that work. Some are restricted for acne treatment during pregnancy. First step for your acne treatment pregnancy is to remember to do the basics such as wash your face twice a face. Wash with warm water, a mild soap and a soft cloth morning and night. If your acne is still bad you will need something else to reduce the inflammation or kill the P acne cells.

Where you need to be careful is that anything taken orally (or applied topically to your skin) may not only affect you but may affect your baby as well. A natural acne home treatment is always better for pregnant women but we will chat about your options for medical acne treatments first.

A Carefree Pregnant Woman

A Carefree Pregnant Woman

The main medical treatment you can use is Benzoyl Peroxide. This is an over the counter topical lotion. It comes sometimes on a pad with which you can wipe your face. This is safe for pregnant women. It might dry out your skin so you can use a moisturiser too if required. It might cause your acne to get worse at first but should reduce your acne in a few weeks if you keep using it. Be sure to check the moisturiser you will be using is safe too.

Not all Medical Acne Treatments can be used by pregnant women.

Another popular acne medicine that other people use is accutane. Accutane should not be used by pregnant women at all as it can cause birth defects in around 30% of cases. Also if you are trying to conceive then you should also not use it.

Salicylic acid also causes births defects when taken orally. Salicylic acid can also be taken topically. It has not been proved to cause birth defects when taken topically. But if the salicylic acid enters the bloodstream then there will be a small risk to your baby. Also who knows what they will prove in the future so it really is not worth the risk.

Retinols (or also known as Isotretinoin and Retin-A) should be avoided. They can cause birth defects or genetic damage. Generally Doctors recommend against using it during pregnancy.

Remember if you are breast feeding your baby or planning to then you should also avoid all these medications too. The baby will get what you take which isn’t good.

The best acne treatment pregnancy is using totally natural acne lotions. These would be totally safe. Drink plenty of water if you can.

Diet may not be option for pregnant women. Dairy is normally pushed as a cause of acne but you need your daily calcium intake. You may also have cravings for food which go against what is good for acne.

But if you must insist in taking a medicated acne treatment then Benzoyl Peroxide applied topically is the only one recommended at the moment for pregnant women or nursing mothers. Also take the advice of your doctor. In the next post we will look at more acne treatments that work.

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Many women experience acne or worse acne during pregnancy.  Looking forward to having a baby can be a happy time but the pregnancy can also be uncomfortable as your body changes.  Acne on top of this can be a nuisance and you may need acne treatments that work.  Before getting acne treatment pregnancy we will look at when and how acne during pregnancy is caused.

Acne in pregnancy need treatment?

Problems with Acne in pregnancy, need treatment?

The acne in pregnancy is triggered by the hormonal changes during pregnancy and is temporary.

The Acne (or worse acne) in Pregnancy is temporary.  So you shouldn’t panic, it will go away.

Acne can start at different stages.  For some it can be during the first trimester or for some during the second trimester.  Usually it will clear up during the third trimester.  So it can start at different times depending on the mother.

If the acne doesn’t clear up in the third trimester, then it will usually stay on after childbirth especially if you will be breastfeeding.  This should not stop you breastfeeding though as there is no danger to your baby.  There is no link between the mother having acne during pregnancy or after pregnancy and baby acne or the child having acne later on in life.

When getting acne pregnancy treatment you should be very careful about any medication you use either topically or orally.  First perform the basics.  Wash your face twice a day as shown in earlier posts.  Use a mild non-medicated soap or face wash.  Do not over wash your face as drying out the skin can cause acne too.  Use a natural moisturiser if you need to.

Mothers to be can also get body acne or cysts which can be quite sore.  Use a cube of ice wrapped in a paper towel or cloth to cool the cyst down and get rid of any pain.  Do not actively use ice as an acne treatment just use it relieve any pain of large cysts or spots.

You also need to be aware of what medication you can and cannot use.  Best thing is use all natural acne treatments which will be safer for your and your baby.  We will cover these in the next acne treatment pregnancy post.

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