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There many acne treatments that work and there are many that do not. Remember you need to target the two main causes for an effective acne free treatment.
1. Clogged pores.
2. Bacteria in you skin.

Two main things in an effective acne treatment will tackle the two causes and remove or improve your acne,
1. Hygiene, wash your face.
2. A treatment to kill bacteria and clear pores.

As acne is partly cause by blocked pores you first need to unclog them. Wash your face regularly with a mild soap wash or clinical soap. Non fragrance soap is the best. Use warm water to open your skin pores. Wash with a soft cloth which will not scratch you or irritate you skin. Wash you face morning and night.

Acne Free Treatment Water to Wash Face in Sink

Acne Free Treatment: Water to Wash Face in a Sink

At first you may find your skin gets worse as it begins to get clean. Keep at it and after one week your skin will improve again. It is hard to keep your face clean all the time so here are a few tips. Try to avoid touching your face with your hands as they will transfer grease and bacteria to your skin clogging pours. Also use some common sense. Clean around your mouth with a napkin or just some water if it gets dirty when eating. Wash your forehead if you are sweating during the day.

If you still have some acne or pimples re-appearing, you will need some acne home treatment or acne treatment cream to kill the P acne bacteria. On this site I will discuss the various options. But keeping your face clean will greatly reduce the amount of acne treatment you require which is good.

One step that is usually mentioned is diet or good healthy food. It is believed that certain oily foods can cause acne, or having a healthy inside can reduce or stop acne. There is no statistical or scientific link between diet and acne proven yet. But we will explore that at a later date and how you can find out if your diet is affecting your acne.

The next post we will a step back and look at what you are trying to achieve in your acne free treatment.

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To get the best acne treatments that work you need to understand the primary causes of acne.  There are two main causes.  Then your acne free treatment must tackle and address these causes.

2 mains causes Acne Treatments that work

2 mains causes Acne Treatments that work

Acne is firstly caused by sebum oil in the skin.  This oil is produced by the sebaceous gland which is at the base of the hair follicles in your skin pores.  The pores may be blocked by dead skin cells or dirt and the oil get trapped.  Or the sebaceous gland produces too much oil and the pores become clogged.

Secondly, bacteria inside the pores, which are sometimes called P acne, can become infected causing painful spots and inflammation.  Any effective body acne treatment should tackle both the sebum oil and the bacteria to clear or reduce your acne.

The blocked skin pores and bacteria can cause acne in many forms.  There are blackheads which are blocked skin pores which fill up of dirt and oil and pus.  These are coloured black not because of dirt or bad hygiene but because the sebum oil oxidises in air and then goes black.  Whiteheads are the same except for the pore is closed so the sebum does not contact air or oxidise to turn black.  Both blackheads and whiteheads can become infected, inflamed and get much bigger.  Cleaning the pores is very effective for reducing blackheads.

There are pimples which are small or large pus filled blisters on the surface of the skin.  Pimples can be caused by touch; your hands clog the pores or help infect them slightly.

Cysts are acne pockets deep inside the skin.  These are red lumps on the skin which can be quite painful and are filled with pus in underneath the skin surface; they can take some time to disappear.  They may reoccur in the same location weeks or months later.  Cysts can be hard to treat in the short term.  You need to take a long term view to curing cysts.

The next post will talk about the two essential steps to take for an acne free treatment.

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