On your hunt for acne treatments that work you may read many articles about how acne makes you feel.  You will be told that you should have low self esteem, low confidence, and feel ugly, even depressed.  These articles tell you what you feel and that acne is the cause of this.  They will offer to cure your acne and then you will feel great.  This is a myth, a marketing myth.

You may or not feel any of the above feelings.  It’s fantastic if you are a happy person but if you are not then you may think that acne is causing these feelings after being told that it does.  But these feelings (if they exist) come from inside you and not the acne.  Curing acne will not make these feelings disappear.  You, yourself can make these bad feelings go away.


Friends together

Some people have varying degrees of acne, which they will actually think is worse than it is.  You need to look at the person you are and not the spots on your face.  Think about what you are like, the friends you have, the family you have.  Normally people like or love you, for who you are not for what you look like.  Think about how they like to meet you, talk to you, have a laugh, listen to you; they like to spend time with you.  This is a reflection of who you are.  Your friend’s see you for who you are, not what you look like.  You need to value yourself too for this.

I do appreciate that some people have really bad acne which makes them feel down.  And that is a genuine problem but what I am trying to tell is that just because you have acne you don’t need to be depressed, it’s not compulsory.

A good acne home treatment would certainly not endorse having you depressed.

Getting rid of acne will not make you a better feeling person.  You are already a better person; it is up to you to feel it.  Getting rid of acne may not make you happy, but you can make yourself happy with or without acne.

Now we will look at the expectations for an acne free treatment.  Usually your acne gets reduced as you get older.  Your confidence improves and sense of what is really important also changes which helps.  No home acne treatments or any acne treatment will get rid of 100% of acne spots or pimples but these can be greatly reduced with a few simple steps.  But first you need to get a realistic idea of what sort of skin you would be happy with.  Aim to treat your acne to get this skin.

There are loads of famous actors and people who have had bad acne.  They have gone on to be successful and be icons, sex symbols and adored.  Acne never held them back.  Don’t let the acne hold you back or define you as a person.

Remember to ask yourself; are you a spotty person or a person with spots?

You should decide if you will make yourself a happy and content person not a cream in a jar.

Next post will be on a simple acne home treatment.

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