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Many women experience acne or worse acne during pregnancy.  Looking forward to having a baby can be a happy time but the pregnancy can also be uncomfortable as your body changes.  Acne on top of this can be a nuisance and you may need acne treatments that work.  Before getting acne treatment pregnancy we will look at when and how acne during pregnancy is caused.

Acne in pregnancy need treatment?

Problems with Acne in pregnancy, need treatment?

The acne in pregnancy is triggered by the hormonal changes during pregnancy and is temporary.

The Acne (or worse acne) in Pregnancy is temporary.  So you shouldn’t panic, it will go away.

Acne can start at different stages.  For some it can be during the first trimester or for some during the second trimester.  Usually it will clear up during the third trimester.  So it can start at different times depending on the mother.

If the acne doesn’t clear up in the third trimester, then it will usually stay on after childbirth especially if you will be breastfeeding.  This should not stop you breastfeeding though as there is no danger to your baby.  There is no link between the mother having acne during pregnancy or after pregnancy and baby acne or the child having acne later on in life.

When getting acne pregnancy treatment you should be very careful about any medication you use either topically or orally.  First perform the basics.  Wash your face twice a day as shown in earlier posts.  Use a mild non-medicated soap or face wash.  Do not over wash your face as drying out the skin can cause acne too.  Use a natural moisturiser if you need to.

Mothers to be can also get body acne or cysts which can be quite sore.  Use a cube of ice wrapped in a paper towel or cloth to cool the cyst down and get rid of any pain.  Do not actively use ice as an acne treatment just use it relieve any pain of large cysts or spots.

You also need to be aware of what medication you can and cannot use.  Best thing is use all natural acne treatments which will be safer for your and your baby.  We will cover these in the next acne treatment pregnancy post.

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A lot of people think ice is an acne treatment that works.  As an effective body acne treatment it maybe is not so great but ice does has some uses in back acne treatment.  What ice can do is help relieve the pain and maybe reduce inflammation and size of cysts and acne spots.

It does this by shrinking the size of the capillary veins and reducing the blood supply and tissue around the spots or cysts.  This can reduce the size of spots and cysts and make them less red.  The ice also cools the skin and may reduce pain by the coldness and by reducing the swelling, tightness and pressure on the skin.

Ice to cool cysts

Ice to cool your cysts?

There are people that have tried using ice as an acne treatment.  People can have some initial success with zapping pimples with an ice cube at first but later on may have more outbreaks.  Ice should not be used as a long term acne treatment.  I would recommend it only for a large painful spots or cysts.

I will explain the best way to use it.  Put a few ice cubes in a cloth or some paper kitchen towel.  This will stop you getting an ice burn on your skin which could be worse than the acne you are trying to cure.  Believe me if the ice sticks to your skin it can be pretty sore.  Let the ice melt a bit in the cloth.  Apply the cloth and ice to the cyst or acne spot for 1 to 5 minutes.  Wait 15 minutes and apply the ice in the cloth or towel again for 1 to 5 minutes.  If the spot is still sore later on, you can reapply new ice (in a cloth or paper towel) in 2 hours again for 1 to 5 minutes again if you need to.

There are people that make daily face masks of ice, breathing through straws and do all sorts but this is not an effective long term acne treatment that works.  It only reduces the size of the spot but other spots will keep on coming.  You still need to carry on with your washing and other treatments.

Ice is only a temporary relief acne remedy.  Ice can give good relief for painful cysts on your back or body, but you do need an effective back acne treatment to combat the source of the spots.

Body acne can also occur during pregnancy and be painful, so ice is a good natural pain reliever for pregnant women.  I will cover more in acne treatment pregnancy advice.

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To get acne treatments that work for your back, there are a few thinks you can do first.  Steps in your back acne treatment for back acne (or Bacne as it is sometimes called) will be slightly different to treating acne on your face.  The skin on your back is thicker than your face skin so the spots can be more like cysts and more painful.  You can also get more scarring as the thicker skin tissue gets deeper damage which is harder to heal.

Female with back acne

Female with back acne

Back acne or bacne is caused by the same causes as face acne.  Clogged pores and too much sebum oil.  You need to be careful around the hygiene of your back.  This should include washing after exercise or sweating.  Also wearing white cotton next to your skin to stop you sweating rather than synthetic materials can help.  The white will prevent coloured dye entering the bloodstream through burst spots and causing infections or blood poisoning.

Some people suggest you should shower twice a day, same as way you wash your face morning and night.  If showering twice a day is too much then take a shower once a day and wipe your back with a wet cloth the other time.   The spots can also be painful and bleed a lot if they burst.  Especially when you are drying yourself after a shower, so pat your back dry if it is very bad.  You should also make sure your towels and bed sheets are clean and changed regularly.

Although hidden back acne can be a cause of embarrassment there ways to overcome this.

The spots on your back can cause you some embarrassment.  For guys they may not want to take their T-shirts off at the beach or for girls they may avoid wearing bikinis, low cut vests or backless tops.   The sun can actually be quite good for clearing up your back acne so do try and expose it to some sun and fresh air.  Also realise that you are the person that will notice your spots the most not other people.  So do try and get over the shyness and embarrassment of this and get some sun.  Remember to protect your skin and use sunscreen as always.  Then take a shower later on to wash off the sunscreen and unclog your pores again.

Although back acne is not visible to other people it can cause you to restrict your choice of clothes.  Regular washing, fresh air and sunshine can help reduce the acne.  The bacne can also be very painful so we will show you a back acne treatment to help relieve the pain.

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